See If You Qualify

Fill out the form below to see if you meet the basic study requirements.

What’s involved?

To participate in one or more of the studies, you will need to:

  • Fill out the eligibility questionnaire above
  • Receive a call from the study staff to answer further qualifications questions and schedule your screening visit
  • Stay for an inpatient hospital stay (minimum 8- maximum 60 days)
  • Take the provided medication
  • Participate in tests and exams (such as MRIs and blood draws)

Why Participate?

As a participant, you would get the opportunity to help with important schizophrenia medication research. Depending on your location, there may be multiple study opportunities available that include inpatient stays and care of between 8-60 days. Compensation is also available for your participation.

Frequently Asked questions?

Do I need to be on stable medication to participate in this study?

Yes, the study requires that you have been on a stable dose of certain qualifying medications for at least 8 weeks.

How long is the study?

The length of study participation varies by study, and participants may be able to participate in more than one. Each study requires 2 screening visits, followed by an inpatient stay of a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 60 days, and an additional follow-up visit.

Is there compensation for my participation?

Yes, there is compensation available for participation and travel. Compensation amounts are determined on a site by site basis. Please check with your site for more information.

Is participation voluntary?

Yes, participation is completely voluntary and can be ended at any time.

What amenities are provided during the inpatient stay?

Some research sites are hospital based, so the experience would be similar to an extended hospital stay. However, some sites are dedicated research facilities which include a gym, meals catered, family environment, and outdoor time. Check with your local site location during your screening call for more information.

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